Investor Relations

Corporate Information

  • Registered office

    Cricket Square
    Hutchins Drive
    P.O. Box 2681
    Grand Cayman, KY1-1111
    Cayman Islands

  • Headquarters and principal place of business in China

    No. 618 Liuweng Road
    Liushi Town

  • Principal place of business in Hong Kong

    Room 2106, 21/F
    Emperor Group Centre
    288 Hennessy Road
    Hong Kong

  • Company Secretaries

    Ms. Mak Po Man Cherie

  • Authorized Representatives

    Mr. Chen Lingfeng
    Ms. Mak Po Man Cherie

  • Audit Committee

    Mr. Fung Nam Shan (Chairman)
    Ms. Bi Hui
    Mr. Wang Yuqing

  • Remuneration Committee

    Mr. Wang Yuqing (Chairman)
    Ms. Bi Hui
    Mr. Fung Nam Shan

  • Nomination Committee

    Ms. Bi Hui (Chairman)
    Mr. Fung Nam Shan
    Mr. Wang Yuqing

  • Hong Kong Share Registrar

    Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited

  • Principal Bankers

    Hangzhou United Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd
    Liuxia Branch

    Zhongyuan Bank Co., Ltd,
    Zhengzhou Huanghe Road Branch

  • Company’s Website