Changzheng College

Changzheng College is a junior college located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, the PRC, which provides formal junior college education. The school was co-sponsored by Zhejiang Committee of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang (中國國民黨革命委員會浙江委員會) and JH Holdings Group Company Limited (“JH Holdings Group”). Changzheng College’s educational philosophy is “to maintain teaching quality, to improve management system, to distinguish with unique characteristics, and to empower by talent” (質量立校、制度治校、特色興校、人才強校). Its educational goal is to build a high level private higher education institution.

Changzheng College currently offers:
  • 38 majors, including international economics and trade, which has been designated as a “provincial advantage major” by the Zhejiang Department of Education, and accounting and management of business enterprises, which has been recognized by the Zhejiang Department of Education as “provincial specialty majors”, and other majors;
  • 7 key subject categories, including financial accounting, business and trade, operation and management, applied linguistics, computer information, intelligent technologies and construction and engineering management;
  • 10 on-campus training bases, including training base for financial and accounting of small and micro enterprises, e-commerce training base. The school’s e-commerce vocational education training base has been supported financially by the PRC central government, whereas the financial accounting training base has been identified by the provincial government of Zhejiang as a model training base;
  • Approximately 120 on-campus practical training rooms.